In a world obsessed by accuracy, human beings are the weakest link. We've invented machines that are more precise than we can relate to.

It's a Clock humanises the measurement of time to provide us with a scale more suited to the realities of life.

By way of a demonstration of this app's validity, turn now to the person next to you and ask them the time. Go on. We'll wait for you.

Did they tell you the time accurate to the second? Or even the minute? Of course not. Here's what happened.

  1. They looked at their watch, or phone, or maybe the clock on their computer.
  2. They acquired the data that the current time is 8:28 and 34 seconds.
  3. They translated this time into a scale more relevant to human discourse.
  4. They told you it was nearly eight thirty.

It's a clock cuts to the chase and eschews the assumption that precision is the most important aspect of timekeeping.

It's a clock simply says "It's nearly eight thirty."

You think you need more precision. You don't. Give It's a Clock a try, and feel the calm wash over you.
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